Januari 27, 2021

Playing Karinding in Stockholm

During my visit to Stockholm to attend the 2019 Wikimania conference, I had the opportunity to play karinding as a fatigue reliever, after a day of attending the conference. Karinding is a jawharp musical instrument from Sundanese culture, in West Java, Indonesia.

On a slightly drizzly night, after returning from the conference location at Stockholm University, I went back to the hotel together with Subashi Panigrahi, a documentary filmmaker and indigenous Indian languages activist, who also contributed to the Wikimania Conference. After a light and warm conversation, we discussed the topic of karinding, a traditional musical instrument that I always carry with me.

When we arrived at T Centralen station, Stockholm, we decided to shoot a short documentary video and tell a story about karinding. Besides that, I also play karindings with several techniques based on the type of karinding being used. Now, the documentary video is live and you can watch it on YouTube. Thanks to Subashi for warmly and kindly recording my demonstration of playing Karinding.

Ilham Nurwansah

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